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About MastermindHi

If you are looking for an expert in creating viral success, growth hacking and building large digital communities, you are in the right place.

I consult with entrepreneurs, start-ups and organizations on HOW-TO-BUILD a powerful brand presence through the web and social meda. I work with my clients and business partners to create massive success in the digtial arena.

It all starts with your VISION for success and the way you want to impact the world, then we get to work and create a plan to get you there.

Juanita Aguerrebere, Consultant & Entrepreneur


I absolutely love working with entrepreneurs because being an entrepreneur requires a big vision and a commitment to living a life of liberty. The ability to create opportunities for yourself and others is amazing, that's why I love working with these coragaeous individuals and their companies.

My approach is different.

I am not a marketer or internet marketer. I am not looking at the psychology of what makes people buy your things. I am really not into consumerism at all. In fact, I beleive if someone really wants to buy your product it is because they will LOVE it and your brand. I am into honest authentic branding and I help you find and connect you to your tribe, people and customers who will love you and all that you offer.

My school of thought is backed in anthropology, entrepreneurship and computer science. Anthropology is the study of human behavior and culture. It's about how and why people are doing the things they do and the cultural systems around it. I work with you to clearly understand your business ecoystem in the real world and then how to systematically connect with your people on the digital arena.

What is your Revenue Model?

Before we can build massive growth, I need to understand how your business makes money. Then we will create digital strategies to complement your business, grow your tribe and increase your revenue.

About Juanita Aguerrebere, Consultant & Entrepeneur

Juanita Aguerrebere is a leading bussines consultant and is an expert of internet and social media strategies. Her mission is to work with global leaders and entrepreneurs as they collectively make a positive changes in the world. She worked for 11 years behind the scenes with clients and supporting her tribe to launch brands globally. Juanita is a mother of four kids; Samantha, Blaise, Antonio Joaquin and Pancho. She is also the co-owner and founder of Aquahunters, a kayak fishing sports league with Isaac Brumaghim which the hit tv show on Discovery "Pacifc Warriors" covered in a 6 epsiode season. She is a also a published author in the book Mommy Divas On the Move: 16 Successful secrets for Mom Entrepreneurs, a #1 Bestselling book for Women in Business on Amazon. Learn the secrets Juanita Aguerrebere has used with her clients to leverage their networks across the globe on her website www.mastermindhi.com or connect with her on twitter @mastermindhi.